About me and why I'm here

Hello there!


My name is Levi Woodard, I'm a volunteer firefighter from South Dakota. Woodturning has been an interest of mine since I first started when I was about 12 years old. My wife Kaycee and I live in western South Dakota and we get to enjoy the Black Hills together and with our two dogs Baxter and Bagles.


Why am I doing this??

I'm reviving the small business I had as a teenager with a fresh purpose. My wife Kaycee is pursuing nursing school and... let's be honest... It's expensive. I'm utilizing my skills to help her as much as possible. We have 4 semesters remaining... and hopefully numerous pens. If you spot something you like on my social media platforms not featured on the website, reach out to me, and I'll gladly create a custom piece. This is how many of my customers find satisfaction.

I also offer laser engraving for most of my items, that can be names, logos, or a combination.  


Hey, What is a hand turned pen anyway??

I get the parts and materials for everything that I create as its and pieces. The wood might be just a block, the acrylic might still be a resin that I cast or have custom cast for me. The specialty diamond materials or other items I work with industry partners to get as block and I do the rest of the work myself in my shop. Over time I'll be adding videos of the process step by step to the site and my social media so you can see it from start to finish!